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Each of us has different types of plans. Some want to buy a house or flat, others dream of a high class car, and others want to travel to different countries. However, all these dreams have one common denominator – money. Both in the case of a high class car, real estate or travel, we must have a lot of money on our bank account to achieve these goals. Unfortunately, only a small part of our society earns so much that they can easily “deposit” money for the implementation of plans. Most of us have to put in a little effort to have money for dreams, meaning we just have to save money.

Does saving have to be difficult? Not at all. However, we have to plan everything carefully, and then we will definitely achieve our desired goal. So where to start saving? Above all, from a good plan. When everything is planned, everything will be much easier for us. And what is important, it is not at all true that saving will be difficult for us. We just have to change our habits a bit, and it turns out that we do not have to give up shopping, that we can go to the restaurant, that we can still use all kinds of attractions.

When starting saving, we must first set a goal for which we will strive. If we do not do it, we will probably lose our motivation quickly because we will not see the goal that awaits us at the end. Let’s say that we want to raise money for the purchase of a new car and therefore we need PLN 15,000 for this purpose. We also need to plan how much time we want to postpone this amount. And all this to know how much money should be saved in our home budget during each month. Of course, we do not have to put down exactly the same amounts each month. In one of them it may be a bit more, in the second a bit less, but we should always be close to the planned amounts, so that the saving period will not be prolonged.


How to prepare a saving plan? There are many ways. One of the most popular ways is to list things and habits that have a negative impact on our health and which we can give up. Thanks to this, not only will we save money, but we will also be able to take care of our health. We’re talking about ready-made dishes that we order in restaurants (pizza, Chinese cuisine, etc.). They cost relatively much, and contain many ingredients that certainly do not have a positive effect on our health. We can prepare them in our home, thanks to which their taste will be almost identical (often better), and a lot of money will remain in our pocket.

The next things that should be on our list are things that we can safely quit. Let us consider whether we need a sixth pair of boots or a fourth coat in the same color. When going to the store, always have a shopping list with you and do not put products that you do not need. Let’s not be fooled by the promotions that stores offer us, because then we usually buy things that we do not need and their price is not always “promotional”.

Let’s do a list of things that will help us to save a lot of money without using pleasure. If we go to the cinema with the whole family, our budget will definitely feel it. Maybe it is worth using the services that inform us about special price reductions for cinemas, theaters, outdoor events (usually free) that allow you to spend time with your family. When we go to gyms, in the summer time it may be worth giving up and practicing in the open air? In many parks, mini gyms are now being installed, where you can train easily and what is important for free. Let’s add a bike or jogging and we will have practically the same effect that the gym exercises give us. Of course, let’s not forget about extinguishing the unnecessary light bulb, about twisting the radiators in a room in which we do not spend too much, etc. On a yearly scale, it turns out that it gives us great savings that will accelerate the realization of our dreams.

Everyone can also find their own ways to save without too much sacrifice. For each of us has different habits and other priorities. The most important, however, to start saving. Although it may turn out to be difficult at the beginning, after a while it will get us into a habit and we will quickly notice how each month, on our account, we get more money, which brings us closer to the implementation of our plans.

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