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Often you also get money from private providers. Enter now the desired amount and apply for a loan directly online. Which bank makes it easier for you, as a self-employed person, to get a real estate loan depends on what your finances look like. Are you a freelancer or self-employed and determine your profit with the help of a surplus calculation? The banks only grant loans after intensive examination. When an employee receives a regular salary, it is usually relatively easy to get a loan. Further illustration at seldik.com

Credit for self-employed and self-employed

Credit for self-employed and self-employed

Nowadays, it is really not easy for freelance or freelance people to get a loan because they often can not provide the necessary security for the banks. Linked to this is the increased credit default risk for the self-employed. The economic ups and downs hit the freelancers more directly and severely.

If the company gets worse, a freelancer, not a co-worker, risks losing his installment. Many self-employed and self-employed people have shown in recent times that they can get back on their feet much faster with their “safe” job than many workers who can no longer pay their installment and can no longer find a new job.

Loans to freelance workers, when they want to get a loan, are usually not only required to prove their salary for at least 3 years, but often also have to accept significantly higher interest rates that the principal bank should consider as collateral for such risk customers. The self-employed must therefore load up a lot of abuses in order to even be able to take out a loan, but there are still some differences that are noticeable from house to house.

With some banks you get a loan even if you are not independent for 3 years, with others the interest is still reasonably bearable for the self-employed, but without good comparison and the different offers against each other, one can only very strongly determine which Offers are really good and which are less well suited.

For a freelancer, it is therefore even more important to check the loan offers in order not to overpriced and not have to accept hidden expenses. It is important that you consider in advance, to what extent you are willing to pay interest and from where the fun then ends, because then you can exclude some of the already in the forequarter offers and in the comparisons to the banks, the really to offer good offers for the self-employed.

As a self-employed person and a suitor, it is not easy for you to get a just loan from your bank. Even with regard to the implementation of Basis 2, the credit options for freelance or freelance employees are severely limited. The lending for the self-employed or self-employed is extremely difficult in the Federal Republic due to many bureaucratic regulations and the ignorance of many Bankrat members.

The term entrepreneur loan or loan for freelancers is still a foreign word for many banks.

The term entrepreneur loan or loan for freelancers is still a foreign word for many banks.

The term “entrepreneur loan” is a way out. We guarantee that you will submit a completely free loan for freelancers. The group of self-employed and freelancers includes everyone who works at their own risk and on their own initiative. The self-employed are not bound by instructions or fixed working hours – self-employed and freelancers decide on their own.

The term “fictitious self-employed” also includes those in which more than 5/6 of the turnover is generated by a customer. As self-employed are all self-employed and self-employed with and without business license and other self-employed. The self-employed are self-employed persons if their self-employment is not subject to commercial regulation (GEWO).

The typical freelancers include physicians, painters and lawyers. Through our assistance and the long-standing cooperation of our trading partners with renowned large international banks and financial services companies, we can offer you unbureaucratic lending for freelance and self-employed employees throughout Europe. Thanks to our many years of experience in banking and lending, you have the right contact person for your company loan for self-employed and self-employed persons.

You have the decisive advantage: your loan request for freelancers and tradespeople is completely free of charge and completely uncomplicated. Advantages of the loan for freelancers and self-employed: Who is considered a self-employed or self-employed person? The advantages of the entrepreneur loan for self-employed: The entrepreneur loan for self-employed: The entrepreneur loan for freelancers and self-employed: The entrepreneur loan for freelancers: