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One of the “youngest” banks in our country, namely Nest Bank, tries to attract as many customers as possible in various ways. In addition to an interesting offer, it does so through various types of promotions. The last one is related to the Rodzina 500 plus program, and we can get up to PLN 200 thanks to it. What is important, the offer is addressed both to people who do not use the services of this bank as well as to clients who already have accounts with Nest Bank.

As a family bank, Nest Bank often promotes all kinds of initiatives that families support. One of them is the Family 500 plus program, from which the money is paid from the state budget. So if we decide that the funds from this program will affect our account at Nest Bank, we will get up to PLN 200 a year.

What do we have to do to take advantage of the Pocket Nest promotion? First of all, we must have a personal account ROR at Nest Bank. If we do not have an account yet, we can open it by clicking HERE . Another condition necessary to obtain cash is submitting the application for the promotion, along with acceptance of the regulations. This application can be submitted via online or mobile banking. In order to benefit from the promotion, we must also have a Nest account for Family Savings or Independent Nest. Our ROR account must be influenced by money from salary or business activity, as well as money from the Family 500 plus program. Of course, it is also necessary to agree to the bank’s marketing activities and to process our personal data.

What should be the impact on our account to meet the promotion conditions? We have several options. These may be receipts from:

What should be the impact on our account to meet the promotion conditions? We have several options. These may be receipts from:

– contracts of employment, carried out directly by the employer,

– a pension paid directly by the authority paying the benefit,

– a scholarship, paid directly by universities or other body which pays such a benefit,

– benefits under the governmental Family 500 plus program, carried out directly by the authority paying the benefit.

Required receipts may not be lower than PLN 2,500 per month.

The situation is slightly different when it comes to the income of people who receive income from their business activity. In this case, the receipts on the company account in Nest Bank can not be lower than PLN 6,000 per month. It is also necessary to pay advances on income tax or social security contributions on time.

Money as part of the Nest Pocket offer is paid quarterly for PLN 50, provided that all conditions of the promotion are met. The first bonus will be paid out for the quarterly period, which will be counted from the month in which the first benefit from the 500+ program will be paid out.

Recall that the account at Nest Bank is completely free and without any conditions. In addition, the bank also has many other products that are extremely competitive compared to other banks.

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