If The Entrepreneur Becomes a Bottleneck

The advancing digitization of financial services companies is also leading to ever faster processes and processes in the corporate customer business – and this to the surprise of many entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur digital

Digitization ensures accelerated processes. Whether in production, in sales or in retail: processes and work steps are digitally linked everywhere and improved for the benefit of the user, usually the customer. Time and thus saving resources is the motto. The finance industry has recognized this, too – but more and more digitalization is happening faster than the customer thinks – especially when it comes to corporate financing.

Previous experiences slow down the process

Previous experiences slow down the process

Banks and other financial service providers were known as digitization objectors just a few years ago – but this attitude is changing more and more. In the private customer sector, almost all day-to-day banking transactions are already possible without having to enter a branch office. Online banks are challenging established players in the marketplace for customers, ensuring competition and also helping to open the eyes of established banks on digital topics.

In the corporate customer business, however, customers are still increasingly relying on analogue advice, in other words the appointment with the corporate client advisor in the bank branch, despite changing expectations. This experience is dominant among most entrepreneurs who are looking for a financing solution, although private-sector clients are now used to quite different processes.

Digital loans surprise with speed


The analogue processing steps and long waiting times have become firmly established in the minds of entrepreneurs with regard to financing in the corporate segment, thus becoming a drag on the market when financial service providers now digitally upgrade and accelerate processes in the corporate customer segment and transfer them to the online world.

The finance portal Marchmain family has consistently focused on deep digitalisation since its founding and so all credit and financing inquiries for medium-sized companies are no longer analog but digital. The DMK, the Digital Mittelstand loan offered by the portal together with solarisBank, has once again opened new doors for entrepreneurs who want to get financing quickly, conveniently and digitally. “We were a bit surprised by the onslaught itself,” explains Dr. Nico Peters, Managing Director of Marchmain family. “The desire for and the openness for digital lending, which is possible as in our DMK within up to 24 hours, is undoubtedly present at the companies. But sometimes we ourselves surprise our customers with our speed. “


Everything about the DMK at a glance

Everything about the DMK at a glance

  • Fully digital: no more bank appointments

  • Amount of the loan: From 10,000 to 750,000 euros

  • Interest rate: from 2.7 percent nominal interest

  • Speed: loan approval in 48h, at 100,000 euros in 24h possible

  • Collateral: No collateral necessary

  • Flexible terms: Between 6 and 60 months

Digital first steps go

Digital first steps go

The request at the portal is completely digital. The entrepreneur uploads the necessary documents, including a current BWA, in the secured data room. These are transmitted and checked.

“For many entrepreneurs, this new speed comes as a surprise,” says Peters. “But what they are used to in private banking – lending in real time and co – will soon demand entrepreneurs for their business. It’s just a matter of time and the awareness of offers such as our Digital Mittelstandskredit. “Similarly, almost all digital innovations. Even when large online fashion retailers were founded less than 10 years ago, everyone thought: Nobody will buy shoes, pants and other clothing online. The buying experience, fitting and advice in the local retail sector can not be replaced. The current situation teaches the then critics of the better.


»When setting up Marchmain family as a digital finance platform, many also said: Corporate finance online? No way! Today, we have more than 30,000 registered companies on Marchmain family – and digital loans are reaching out to the broad


The fastest credit that Marchmain family could provide in this way – from the request on the platform, to the upload of the documents to the customer’s digital signature and the financial provider’s commitment, took only 6 ½ hours. So far, the credit process was dependent on the speed of the bank – mostly the customer had to wait for decisions of the financial services provider. Today, with the DMK, it is the first time that the bank is often faster than the company that needs the loan.



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